Do you realise that 90% of all film marketing is over once your genre, script, and talent package are fixed?

Months before you even step onto set, the size, location, and engagement of your potential audience is more-or-less determined.

The remaining 10% is just advertising, which is both a very expensive way of finding customers, and one that’s getting harder all the time.


Your choice of director and cast affects which territories you will sell into; the genre and tone affects the audience reach in each territory; and the concept, script, and performances affect how long the film will play in each ancillary release window, and perform online, across every territory you sell.

Every year the cost of making a feature film drops, and every year the number of feature films entering the marketplace grows. The noise made by the advertising from all these films is maddening, and growing all the time.

However new marketing techniques help you analyse the global marketplace, identify and target customer niches, and plan how to engage with people in a way they won't shut out.