When we take on a new project or client at Legwork, our goal is exactly the same: optimising that project's chances of critical and financial success in the global film marketplace.

Greenlighting a film before you truly understand your buyers is a gamble your investors don't want you to take. Why waste the opportunity to build their trust?


Failure Averse?

Being failure-averse doesn’t mean you can't take risks.

On the contrary – it is only by doing things others consider risky that you end up doing anything original.

To turn that around: doing only what is considered safe is the best way to be like everyone else, and being like everyone else is the fastest route to mediocrity.

Mediocrity can work just fine for the very biggest films, with the budget and the star-power and the advertising budget to reach everyone. Mediocrity will not work for you. Your work must be outstanding, remarkable, new.

And, perhaps paradoxically, by being truly new and different you can attract the biggest names, and they will attract more money, and then maybe you actually can have your cake and eat it too.