Robin TJ Kershaw

Head of Development



Laia Enrich

Executive Producer


The co-founders of Legwork Films originate from the broad intersection of marketing and the film industry...


Robin TJ Kershaw (Head of Development) previously ran a marketing consulting company and as a screenwriter has proven himself in the international film marketplace with a $25m historical war film which was optioned for Simon West (Con Air) and raised half its budget before being placed in turnaround.  Fortunately Robin has a good sense of humour.


Laia Enrich (Executive Producer) has a broad experience in media — film production, marketing and journalism — coming from several years track record working in companies ranging from magazines and radio stations to ad agencies and physical production companies.


Everyone at Legwork Films (as well as their finance advisers) keenly follows innovations in business and marketing, and agree with Seth Godin’s philosophies including the concept of tribes, building marketing into the product, and keeping everything remarkable. We're based in London and Barcelona and serve clients all across the world.